Monday, June 22, 2009

A Zoorific Father's Day

For Father's Day, we celebrated with a trip to the MN Zoo with my sister Jill, her husband Jason, and their adorable daughter Lily! The weather, although sprinkly, was actually perfect because it didn't get too hot and the rain held off until after we'd see all the outdoor things. We had a great time! The girls loved one animal in particular. Watch this video to find out which animal they're giggling at.

Aren't prairie dogs cute?
We also got to see the new Africa exhibit, which included feeding a giraffe! Ryan showed Abby how it was done. Both girls weren't sure they quite liked having a giraffe so close, but he grew on them quickly.
We also checked out the Splash Pad the zoo has going now. Lily, who is used to the water park by her house, got right into it, running through the water and sticking her face in the spouts. (my sister also took a cute video of Lily playing in the water. Check her blog for the post - coming soon!)
Claire and Abby weren't so sure what to think of the water and generally cried anytime we took them near it. They did okay on this wagon ride through the water that Ryan took them on (aren't daddies great?), but still weren't convinced. Guess we'll have to visit Cousin Lily and play in their water park more often to get the hang of it!
Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bubble Beard

Claire finds out what happens when you try to eat bubbles. (Trust me, it was much bigger but lost a lot of it's bulk in the time it took me to grab the camera.)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Catching Up

Okay, I've been a horrible blogger and not posted for over a month. Sorry! Things have been busy around here! Let me catch you up...
My second Mother's Day was very fun! We celebrated with a grill out at my parents with my whole family. Abby, Lily, and Claire (above) had tons of fun playing outside and even tried a little Bocce Ball (below). Ryan and the girls got me Season Four of "The Office," which I love but haven't had time to watch much of yet. Maybe when the girls are teenagers... Dare I dream?
Next up, we all headed to Green Bay and I got to spend some time with Amanda before her Baby #2 arrived (which he did just a few days later! Welcome, Sampson Donald!) Here she is with her mom, Lynn, and son, Atticus, in her parents new and amazingly awesome house.
It was so great to relax and just hang out with Amanda again! Ryan took the girls, which was very nice.
Don't worry, though, he had plenty of help as he was staying with Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Sharon. Luckily, I also got to hang out with them a bit, too, and we all had a great time! See how happy Abby is about it?
The next weekend, we were still in travel mode, so we headed to Lark Toy Store, about an hour and a half away, in Kellogg, MN. It was a really cool place! There was carved trolls and such on the walls...
... and a carousel to ride!
Daddy helped Abby ride the goldfish, but Claire didn't want anything to do with it. I tried to get her to ride the loon but ended up in the bench behind it when she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with the loon!
There was lots more to do at Lark Toy Store! We then amused ourselves by making the girls try on hats from their large unusual hats selection.
Abby made a very cute Viking girl, and Claire can't wait to grow up to be a cowgirl! Next up was the June 7th Cam Fam, where we celebrated Father's Day and Jason's Birthday. Jason was pretty excited about the Wii he got from wife Jill and daughter Lily. Hey, Jason, when can we come over and test it out for you??
Papa also loved the picture holder he got from his grandgirls. Hey, Grandpa, the bib goes on the babies! Oh, well.
The celebrations didn't stop there! This past Saturday, we met Uncle Scott and Aunt Emma at Como Zoo to help celebrate Emma's birthday.
It was so great for the girls to see them! We had a very great day at the zoo and even got another chance to ride a carousel.
This time, I rode on a horse with Claire and she did much better. Abby, however, did not seem to enjoy herself quite as much, so Ryan ended up holding her for most of the ride. Even Scott and Emma got in on the carousel action!Claire (below) and Abby also got a chance to ride this little bucking car, next to a monkey, elephant and giraffe. They both weren't sure what to think at first, but then got pretty happy about it.
After all that excitement, I was about as exhaused as this here lion!
What a treat then to go get my very first pedicure that night! My colleague Sarah Kurachek and boss lady Jennifer Valley joined me in the pampering.
Here's the finished product! I'm the one in the blue flip flop with Blushingham Palace nails. JV is in the red with brown, sparkly toes, and Sarah got the dark red toes. Very nice!

JV and Sarah headed off to a wedding reception afterwards, while Ryan and I took the girls and JV's adorable son Demetrius to the drive in. We saw Up and Night At The Museum, which were both good -- I think. It's kind of hard to focus on the movies with two 16 months old and 1 seven-year-old in the back seats, but reagardless, we had a good time!

Finally, my two favorite things about it finally being summer are: 1 - the girls can walk themselves to the car (more a developmental thing than a summer thing, I guess, but I'm sure this would be harder to do in Winter), and 2 - it's warm enough that we don't have to bundle up to eat our breakfast in the sunroom (no, we did not do this in Winter, of course! But it was cold enough on those May mornings to need a hat and jacket).
Whew - I think we're all caught up now! Thanks for hanging in there!