Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

There's nothing better than putting on some Christmas tunes, heating up some hot chocolate and putting up the ol' Christmas tree. Now, I love the smell of a real tree but not the mess (especially with little ones running around), so we use a nice fake one we inherited from my Aunt Pat. And you know you'be got an easy-to-assemble tree when even your 3-year-old can help!
After Abby helped assemble the tree, she hopped up on Daddy's shoulders to put the star on top.
When we told them earlier that day that we were going to put up the tree, Abby got really excited and asked, "Do I get to put the star on top like last year?" It kind of blew me away that she remembered doing that last year - I guess I sometimes forget they have memories of their own!
Claire also got in the action helping put the ornaments on the tree. Such a cutie! And when we were all done, this is what we got...
Let the Christmas season begin!