Monday, May 24, 2010

These Girls They Are A Changing

I don't always realize how much my girls are changing from day to day until I come across something that reminds me of how different they used to be. This is a picture of Abby from July 2009:
And here she is in the same dress in May 2010!
Thank goodness she finally got hair, hm?? Also, it's hard to tell in the recent pic, but the dress that was below her knees now only falls to her mid to upper thigh. Let me tell you, these girls are tall and skinny! It's pretty nuts. I hope they enjoy it now, though, because if they're anything like their parents, they'll be tall and chubby by the time they're preteens. Don't you just love genetics?
Speaking of Abby, here she is helping me make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Where is Claire, you're wondering? Well, my very dutiful daughter Claire was napping, but Abby just wasn't feeling it. After hearing Abby goof around in their room for about 45 minutes, I gave up on her napping and opened the door to find her like this:
Note: she did not have the headband in when I put her to bed. Claire was fast asleep in her bed with two baby doll car seats next to her {her sister's doing I believe}.
As for Claire, she'll really been enjoying applesauce lately. That's her above licking her plate clean of it. Yum!
She also thoroughly enjoyed the drive in movie we went to this past weekend! Uncle Jason, Aunt Jill, Uncle Greg, and of course Cousin Lily were all there too. The girls got to run around in their pjs before the movie started, then actually did quite good during the first movie {Shrek Forever After}. Then we laid them down in pack and plays in the van and they went right to sleep, so Ryan, Greg and I could enjoy the second movie {Iron Man 2}.

And the drive in is just one exciting thing we're enjoying with this summer weather. We also got to run through the sprinkler today!
Claire {above} stuck to mostly just running around screaming while Abby {below} preferred going right up to the sprinkler and sticking her head in it.
It was quite a good way to spend the hot afternoon!
Hope you are all having as much fun as we are! Stay cool...