Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall Fun (snow included)

While I'm sure most people did not enjoy it, the girls had a blast playing in the snow yesterday! They weren't quite sure what this crazy white stuff covering their little car was, but eventually got the jist of it and were running around squealing and saying, "Snow!"
Another recent discovery the girls enjoy that most people don't: washing dishes! We pull some chairs up to the sink, add warm soapy water, a few plastic dishes and they have a blast for a good 20 minutes. The girls love playing with the water (and the spray hose) and I love anything that holds their attention for that long.
I've also discovered that Claire is NOT a morning person. Lately, when she wakes up, she has to gather up everything in her crib before she'll let me take her out of it. This is how we ended up with Elmo, gorilla, puppy, and two blankets in our high chair the other morning.
We've also been having fun on little trips. A few weekends ago, we took a trip to Emma Krumbee's (about an hour away), where we looked at scarecrows, walked a rope maze, jumped in hay, rode tricycles, took a hay ride, and went down the big green slide. Here's Abby and I post-slide. Lots of fun!
Ryan and I also took a trip without the girls to Mt Horeb, WI, Troll Capital of the World! It was the weekend of their annual fall festival, so there were food and craft vendors all over. We also got to check out their famous mustard museum. Who knew mustard was so darn exciting?
It's been a blast running around and getting all our energy out before winter hibernation set in. Wake me when it stops snowing!!