Monday, March 7, 2011

OMG - Princesses! On! Ice!

It's no understatement to say my girls love princesses and while we try to expose them to many different exciting things in the world, we sometimes can't help but indulge them. I've made them a Rhapsody playlist that includes Princess songs (among other things) that I play during the day and they get SO excited every time a princess song comes on.
Last night we took the girls to what must be like 3 year old girl heaven - Disney Princesses on Ice!
We met the Woyaks (Aunt Jill, Uncle Jason and Cousin Lily) for the preshow where we got to see a number of "pretty dresses" - like Snow White's above - and be waved at by a real live Cinderella! Abby (ponytail), Claire (headband) and Lily (blue stripes) could not believe their eyes.

We found our seats - Claire above with Ryan - in a very nice, in a not too crowded spot and took in the scenery before the show began.
We saw all our favorites: Snow White and the 7 Dwarves...
Belle (albeit with no sign of the Beast, or as Claire called him, "Tiger")...
The Little Mermaid (w/ Flounder and Sebastian and all kinds of sea creatures)...
Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip...
... and Cinderella!
All the Princesses came out for the grand finale, including what might be Claire's new favorite, Jasmine.

Tinkerbell made appearances throughout the snow, along with Mickey & Minnie Mouse and Goofy, so they came out for the finale too which ended with some fireworks shooting out of the carriage. Pretty spectacular!
To end our Princess filled evening, we headed to the downtown Applebee's for a late dinner/snack where the girls practiced taking pictures with my camera.
They took these ones of Claire (above) Lily (below) and me with Abby (far below) - not bad, huh?
Then home we went to put our exhausted little Princesses to bed. And, dare I say it?, to live happily ever after.

Thanks Grandma Sharon and Papa Wayne!

Claire and Abby were so excited to each receive our very own packages full of great gifts from Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Wayne. Thank you so much! We miss you and hope to see you soon!