Sunday, March 18, 2012


Winter is pretty much over and I have obviously not filled my time with blogging! We had lots of exciting events - Christmas celebrations, turning 4, making the annual trip to the Hudson Hot Air Affair, and much more! But mostly our time is filled with this...

This video features Claire (and yes, on the pottty - we can't help when the urge to sing overwhelms us!) but both girls love singing and do it often, especially in the car.

Here's a selection of other things that have filled our time the past few months:

Being Sassy

Hanging out with family (like Uncle Greggy and Cousin Lily)

Dance class! (here we are practicing our moves with Cousin Lily - Claire is not happy about sharing the spotlight)

Visits with Papa Wayne & Grandma Sharon (they got us that crazy cool princess castle for Christmas)

Birthday breakfast in bed!

Sideways 'Punzel cake!

Ice Cream with friend Linnea


Being astronauts (in the space helmets we made at school)

More snuggles!

Getting our hair done (something they hated until recently), then snuggling some more! (Gotta say, we're pretty lucky to have some many wonderful folks to snuggle with.)

Enjoy your Spring!