Sunday, September 26, 2010

On The Go

Life at the Lamberts has involved a lot of time in the car lately! We've been out of town the last four weekends and having a blast!!
Weekend #1: Somehow between my father-in-law Rich (a runner) and my best friend Amanda (a somewhat new runner), I was talked into running a 2 mile race called the Buckshot that Rich does ever year. I've been busy training since mid-July and have been surprisingly liking running! I'm not good or fast but I do like it. Amanda drove in to participate too so we got to run it together.
The girls came to cheer us on and also got to do some running as a part of the short kids run afterwards. They thought it was pretty fun running with Linda, Grandpa Rich and Daddy, and they loved the medals they got at the end of it too! Claire below is showing hers off.
The girls also got to do some dancing with Linda afterwards which they loved. All in all, it was a great first race!
Weekend #2: My second annual trip to Wabeno! This is a girls getaway scrapbooking weekend where I get to join Amanda and her family and pretty much the same group of about 16 women who've been going for I think 12 years now. We stay at The Crystal Bell bed and breakfast which has a ton of character and probably the best hospitality of any place I've ever been. I look forward to it every year!
Weekend #3: Sharon took me to a concert for my birthday of one of my favorite artists, Sara Groves! So it was back to Eastern Wisconsin to Green Bay for the concert and Little Chute for Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Sharon's house.
The concert was AMAZING and Sharon and I had a wonderful time. The girls loved spending time with their Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Scotty who also came along on this trip, and I loved seeing Amanda for the third weekend in a row! We got together to run a 5K in Appleton Saturday morning and then our families got to hang out for a bit during the day as well.
Mid-Week treat: On Wednesday of the next week, we got to have lots of fun visitors over! Our good friends Tim and Danielle Johnson had been in Eau Claire from Florida and came to the cities for a visit with their new baby Finley. The Shipmans also came over to play so of course, we had to take pictures! Below is Abby, Hailey Shipman, Zach Shipman, Finley Johnson and Claire.
Three two year olds and two young babies in the house plus six adults and one crazy Asterix was a little cramped but fun. We got some pizzas, had fondue dessert, and played like crazy.
Here are proud daddies Sean and Tim showing off the newest additions to their families.
Weekend #4: Hannah and Matt's wedding! We love Eau Claire weddings because it normally means all of Ryan's friends from high school get to finally get together and hang out. With Jon and Val living in Maryland and Tim and Danielle in Florida, hanging out all together is a rare treat. And of course, we were so excited to celebrate with Hannah, who made a very beautiful bride!

Claire and Abby got to sleepover at Grandpa Rich and Grandma Gwen's with cousin Alex which was an extra treat for both them and us - a night with no kids!
We also got to spend some time hanging out with the whole gang the day after the wedding. It's crazy to think that in a few short years we've gone from just two kids in the group to now eight between us all: Mason, Claire, Abby, Finley, Kendall, Hailey, Zacy and Bryn.
And here's all of us with our crazy kids!
We have had a ton of fun in September. Claire and Abby are sure to be bored next weekend when we actually stay home for once. Happy Fall everyone!