Friday, November 27, 2009

Zoom! There goes November!

Well, hello there! We've had quite a fun (and busy!) November. It started with a trip to Eau Claire, WI the first weekend of November. Ryan and I go back there every year to help at the CTV annual auction. It's takes up the whole weekend, but is a lot of fun. The girls got to spend lots of time with Grandma Gwen and Grandpa Rich. They really loved playing at their house. That's Abby above pretending she's a monkey. They also came to visit us at CTV, where Claire found something that reminded her of Daddy...And Abby had fun running under an easel!The following weekend, we got together withSteph, Andy and Alex, as well as a couple of folks from Ryan's work, and went to 5 Guys Burgers and Chuck E. Cheese.The girls mostly stuck to the cars that rock back and forth, particularly the one above with Chuck E. Cheese himself (next to Claire), the CLifford one below (Abby driving)...And this school bus one (Cousin Alex at the wheel). The Chuck E. Cheese mascot came out eventually, too, and the girls were beside themselves with excitement. So cute!Daddy also built us a fort in the sun room, which we've gotten to play in a lot on these warm November days. Cousin Alex came over to play, too, which Steph, Andy and Ryan did some painting on the Mays' renovated house. (They added a whole second story! Check out their blog at if you want to see the changes - it's pretty amazing!) Alex especially loved the fort and kept the girls entertained in there for a good hour. I loved having Alex over to entertain the girls for that long! I'm starting to seriously see the value (for me!) in having playdates.We got to spend Thanksgiving with our other cousin, Lily! Isn's she cute in her pink dress and new bob haircut? All three girls are sick (Claire has a cold, Abby a cold and an ear infection, and Lily a cold with a bad cough), but that didn't stop them from running around and laughing hysterically, especially when second cousin Blake crawled around them in cirlces.

That's been the Life at the Lamberts this November, and off we go towards December and Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

5 Things

My friend Amy answered these questions on her blog and "tagged" me in it, meaning it's my turn! So here I go...

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago, I was a Junior at UW-Eau Claire! I was living off campus with my friends Amanda, Kelley, and Deantichrist. I was waitressing at Shoney's and enjoying my English classes. It was an interesting and very fun year!

2. What five things are on your to-do list today?
1. Take care of my two crazy babies, who are getting over colds. This will probably involve some Elmo watching to ease us back to health and maybe a trip to my parents! We'll see...
2. Go to Target (of course. I'm always going to Target.)
3. Do dishes and otherwise pick up my house, but especially mop the kitchen floor.
4. Make spaghetti for dinner (this was on Amy's list, too!! Crazy!)
5. Approve timecards while the babies are napping.

3. Snacks you enjoy
In general, I just love snacking! Coffee drinks, if they can be considered a snack, are my absolute favorite. Other than that, I dig good ol' cheese and crackers lately, peanuts, and anything sweet! For a road trip, I absolutely must have Pizzeria Pretzel Combos, though.

4. Places you have lived
Brooklyn Park, MN; Eau Claire, WI; St Louis Park, MN; Bloomington, MN; New Brighton, MN; Woodbury, MN; and now, St Paul, MN!

5. What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Pay off all of our debt, including our house...
2. Then sell our house and buy a new one.
3. Finally get a car that is newer than 10 years old!
4. Pay for a big trip for family and friends
5. Give some away to family, friends and charity, but save enough to live off of the interest!
(I've thought about this alot, so this questons was easy! Ha!)

Okay, the three people I'm tagging are Jill, Mama and Papa because there the only ones who I think read this on a regular basis! Anyone reading should feel free to post a comment and answer the questions, though. I'd love to hear what your answers are!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

What a perfect Halloween! It was Ryan and my first time taking the girls out trick or treating and we had a blast! Before we got to that part, though, we had lots of people to visit.
We had spent Friday night at Cousin Lily's house and had a great time playing with her. On Saturday, our first stop was to visit Great Aunts Pat and Joy. We weren't quite sure how we felt about wearing costumes yet, but we put them on to show them off (Claire above, Lily and Abby below).

Grandma Sharon made all three adorable Lamb costumes - amazing! They definitely needed to be shown off to more people, so we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Campbell's house next. There's Abby, Claire and Lily below posing for pics.
After all our photo shoots, Claire...
... and Abby had to rehydrate.

After a quick stop at my coworker Sarah Kurachek's house, where we also met up with our third coworker JV and her son Demetrius, dressed wonderfully as Mr. T, we headed home for some neighborhood trick or treating!
Claire (above) and Abby (below) got really excited about the whole thing. They loved wearing their costumes, carrying their Winnie-the-Pooh buckets, going up to neighbors' houses, seeing everyone else out in cute costumes...
...And of course, they loved the candy! They had a little bit more sugar than usual, which I think may have led to the in running around in circles in the living room once we got home. You can still see a Kit Kat bar in Claire's hand - caught in the act!
After we got that out of our system, we stayed up a bit longer playing with toys (Claire)...
Reading (Abby)...
And helping Daddy hand out candy.
It was really a perfect Halloween! Hope yours was good, too!