Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer is here so bring on the fun! Here's Abby all dressed up for a fun time.
Ryan and I got to actually go out and have some fun sans babies, which doesn't happen as often as one would like. We went to Elsie's for a surprise 30th birthday party for this guy here:
Jason! I know it's blurry but that's cause your eyesight goes with age.
The next weekend, Ryan, Claire, Abby and I headed into Eau Claire to go to the Renaissance Festival with Grandma Gwen, Grandpa Rich, Uncle Scott and our good friend Linda. We started at the joust and even got to pet the horses afterwards (Claire below with Grandpa Rich).
We eventually strolled around to one of the "pubs." There was an Irish duo that was playing that Claire and Abby loved dancing to! There were also two beautiful doggies that we got to pet. Abby, who wore her fairy costume to the festival, thought it'd be fun to steal Grandma Gwen's hat and run around with it a bit too.
We didn't ride the elephants because it was SO much more expensive to do than it's been at the MN Ren Fest in the past, but the girls were fine just sitting and watching the elephants give rides to the suckers who did shell out the big bucks.

We had some good festival food and watched this amazing juggler man named Tuey. The girls had a blast and lasted much longer past naptime than I expected. It was a great day!
Then this week Grandma Gwen and Grandpa Rich came camping very near our house at Lake Elmo. This is a great park with a very nice beach and many good playgrounds, so of course, we thought we should visit!
We started by swimming and playing in the sand (Claire above) - what a blast! I've been watching Lily three days a week for the summer so she was with us too and all three girls had a great time splashing and digging on the beach.
Grandpa Rich (below with Abby) and Grandma Gwen were very nice to let us come and play with them!
Now this weekend we're off to Lake Mills, WI to visit some extended family. Then next week it's off to the cabin near Birchwood, WI for a week and a half with the Campbell Family. This summer is flying by with all the fun we're having, but we're enjoying every moment!