Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Girl Beds!

So a couple of weeks ago, I begin hearing massive amounts of giggling at the end of the girls' nap time. I went into their room to find Abby in Claire's crib. The climbing had begun! The girls, very impressed with their new skill, took turns showing me how they could climb over their adjoining crib side into the other one's crib. Sure it made me slightly nervous but I figured they weren't doing anything too dangerous yet.

The next day, about 20 minutes into their nap, I heard very sad crying coming from the room. Abby had climbed into Claire's crib and woken her up and Claire was not happy about it. So Ryan and I decided it was time for Big Girl Beds, and here they are!
The girls now sleep across from each other in the room. This is Abby's bed above and Claire's below.

The girls were pretty excited about it! And so far it's gone very well. They each fell out of bed a couple of times but all in all, no major upsets. They still go to bed very well and stay in bed fairly well too. I'm sorry to all you mothers with kids who don't sleep well! I honestly don't know how you survive. Nap/Bed time is the only thing that keeps me sane!

Here's Big Girl Abby trying out her new cozy bed. Don't let the nonchalant look on her face fool you - she's happy as a clam.

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Amy said...

hooray! good job girls!!! and mama and daddy! Im with you Lisa...Im so happy we finally got Linnea to be a good sleeper. all you parents out there who struggle...more power to you! you are amazing!