Saturday, October 15, 2011

Birthdays, Festivals and Haircuts - oh my!

August isn't complete without a family birthday party to celebrate my, Jill and Mama's August birthdays! We all gathered at Mama and Papa's house on Mama's birthday for the big celebration.
The three birthday girls got to go out to a movie while the boys hung out with the girls (Above, Uncle Jason with all three girls on a hammock) and started grilling us a yummy dinner.
One of the biggest attractions at Papa and Grandma's house right now that the girls love to play with are their garden statues. Somehow, they end up all over the place by the time we leave. Above, the bunnies hop over to wish Grandma Maggie a happy birthday!
Abby gives the camera a big "cheese" face.

Jump forward to September, it was so busy, I only took like 6 pictures the entire month! They were mainly from the Wild Rice Festival we took the girls to in Roseville. It was pretty interesting, and at a place we'd never been before - the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. There was lots going on but the food part was unfortunately not very well organized and SUPER slow so after checking out the festival a bit, we left and took our hungry girls elsewhere for some food.
Like most children, the girls have this very fun ability to make up games wherever they are. Even at the festival, surrounded by fun activities and interested things, they decided to create their own game out of walking across the outdoor wooden benches and going "ta da!" (Claire, above, and Abby, below)

Jumping forward even more to October, and the big excitement this month was in the girls getting their very first haircuts!
Abby (left) got a trim but Claire (right) wanted something different so she got a bob haircut. The stylists also put a cute braid in each girls hair when they were done.
We took them to Kids Hair for their first cuts because we weren't sure how they'd do but they did great! Not a peep out of either one the entire time they got their hair cut. Good thing because we probably couldn't afford to go to the very entertaining but quite pricey Kids Hair on a regular basis.
These girls love their new haircuts! They've been walking around, looking in mirrors and going, "Aren't I beautiful?" (To which I respond, "yes, you're beautiful because you're so sweet/kind/funny/helpful/generous," etc. Just trying to counter those darn Disney Princess movies they love so much!) They've also been talking a lot more about being big girls, so I think they're feeling quite grown up.

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