Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall Fun

During our October Cam Fam, the entire Campbell clan headed over to the Twin Cities Harvest Festival in Brooklyn Park. It's new within the last couple of years and boasts the largest corn maze in MN! Since it's in my hometown, we figured we ought to check it out.
It got a little hectic in the corn maze - Papa got a little nuts trying to find the exit - but once we made it out okay, we got to enjoy the rest of the festival.
The coolest thing, in my opinion, was the giant pit of corn kernels!
The girls jumped right in and got a big kick out of getting buried in the kernels. It was pretty awesome!

The girls also went down the giant slide with Daddy and fed some animals in the petting zoo.
Claire (above) wasn't sure what to think of these llamas and sheep all looking at her expectantly! Abby (below) loved feeding the baby goats.
We also took a hayride, played on a playground, tried (and failed) to climb a giant web thing, ran through a kid-sized hay bale maze and had a great time! Way to represent, BP.

In other October happenings, the girls got a big kick out of have a picnic in our sun room. We put a blanket on the floor and munched on appetizers (apple slices, grapes, carrots, celery, peanut butter, mini pigs in a blanket and hawaiian bread with spinach dip) while watching Surf's Up, the movie the girls picked from Red Box. They asked to have a "sun room picnic" pretty much every day since!
And finally, we are so excited for Halloween! Abby keeps asking me, "Do we get to go to Halloween now?" Claire wants to be Cinderella and Abby wants to be Little Mermaid. Today a package arrived from Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Wayne and inside was...
Thanks for our wonderful costumes, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Wayne! We can't wait to wear them!!!

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Amy said...

SOOO FUN! ALL OF IT! WE MISS YOU! perhaps we will have to get our Disney girls together in their costumes...Linnea is going as TinkerBell! If you need a movie suggestion for your next sun room picnic/movie check out Tinkerbell! We have the first one and have checked out the third from the library. both are great! Happy Fall!